YAKITA foundation

Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita
Addiction Recovery & Community Center

 Who We Are

Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita, known as Yayasan KITA, or YAKITA was founded in Bogor, Indonesia, in May - 1999 by people whose lives were directly affected by drug addiction in their own families. Understanding the name of our foundation would give you a basic understanding of our Foundation’s outlook regarding our work.

Yayasan means foundation. Harapan means Hope. Permata Hati means the heart’s jewel = which in Indonesian language means "beloved children" or loved ones, and Kita  means ‘Our’ or ‘We’, which is all inclusive. No one is left out.  Yayasan KITA simply means Our Foundation, or a Foundation that belongs to All of Us. YAKITA, means

“ Yes, Us! ”

YAKITA is a Community Based Non-profit Organization, founded to respond to the heartfelt concern for the increasing problem of drug abuse and addiction throughout Indonesia, and lack of sincere help in these areas. Also, it responds to drug addictions co-related problems in the areas of - Sex, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, Money / Economy, Crime, Violence.

Our organizations single mission is simply,

            “to help drug addicts recover from addiction andto help families whose lives have been affected by active addiction, by giving them a true hope to recover from addiction, restoring harmony and quality of their lives. This is given through an honest example.

Our Program is a WE Program, relying upon the age-old wisdom of ‘gotong royong’ - of collaboration as a family with a common cause - and the warmth of an extended self-supporting family, along with its therapeutic properties.

Our Programs simply wish to share with addicts, and their families, that recovery from addiction is possible, and so is an improved quality of life. We do this by sharing our own hard gained Wisdom, Experience, Strength and Hope with one another. 

YAKITA strives to realize the true nature of recovery, empowerment, and service as written on its Logo. We always seek to achieve recovery, to construct or re-build the addicts’ sense of value and worth within their lives. We do not speak of ‘rehabilitation’; we speak about desire to recover from drug addiction, and recover our God given gifts through self-understanding, self-confidence, and self-fulfillment - which are actual pathways to the reawaken the spirit, to serve God, and others.

Our values are "WHOLE", short for Willingness, Honesty, Openmindedness, Love/Loyalty and Equality/Empathy.

We believe in the power of transformation.

In all of us, there is the promise of a beautiful butterfly - so long as we dare to take the time we need to be in a cocoon and rethink the meaning of our lives. YAKITA strives to be that cocoon, but everyone will have to do their own work for the promise of their own futures.  Recovery is gift of Life that could not be given. It has to be earned.