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Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita
Addiction Recovery & Community Center

Training at YAKITA

YAKITA has conducted various types of trainings upon request. These trainings can cover anything from addiction, health issues, to technical Project Cycle and management trainings. We have also conducted trainings and study tours for people from outside Indonesia.  

The range of communities we train include addicts, young people in general, families of addicts, prison staff, NGOs, government people, PVOs and many others.

Trainings Conducted in the Past

  • Training on HIV/AIDS: Programme Development
  • Training on Proposal Writing & Program Development
  • Training on HIV/AIDS, PMTCT for Nurses & Hospital Directors
  • Training on Addiction and HIV for Teachers
  • Training on Addiction and Recovery for Parents and Families
  • Training on Addiction and HIV for Nurses 
  • Training on Addiction and HIV for Health Providers
  • Training on Friendly Youth Health Clinic for Health Providers
  • Training on Motivational Interviewing
  • Training on Gender
  • Training on Hepatitis C
  • Training on HIV/AIDS and Health Issues in Prison for Prison Staff
  • Training on Addiction and HIV for Prison Staff
  • Training on Aftercare for Parole Officers
  • Training on Recovery from Criminal Activity for Maximum Security Inmates
  • Training on Addiction, Recovery, HIV and Hepatitis for Prison Inmates
  • Training on Peer Education
  • Training on Harm Reduction Programs
  • Training on Harm Reduction Outreach
  • Training on 12 Steps Recovery Program
  • Training on Rapid Assessment
  • Training on Youth Participation Programming
  • Training on Recovery Programs for Prison
  • Training on Adolescent Health
  • Training on Disaster Preparedness
  • Training on Working with Drug Using Students, and many more

Some Organizations Who Used our Training Services in the Past:

  • UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (for staff and UNICEF ROSA country partners)
  • UNICEF ROSA (Skill building in Goa, India)
  • UNICEF East Asia & Pacific Region Office (Skill Building for young people, Thailand)
  • UNICEF Maldives (for recovering addicts)
  • UNICEF Indonesia (Program Officers and Staff training on AIDS & ADH) 
  • NNCB Maldives
  • Journey Maldives (addicts in recovery)
  • ASA/Family Health International/USAID (for grantees)
  • Vietnam National AIDS Commission & Ho Chi Mihn City Officials
  • National AIDS Commission, Maldives
  • Law & Drug Enforcers, Maldives
  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia (for Prison Wardens)
  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia (for Parole Office)
  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia (for Prison Staff)
  • Ministry of Health, Indonesia (for PHC Clinics, Aceh)
  • Criminals & Gangmembers Groups, Mule Creek Maximum Security State Prison, Ione, Sacramento, California (for 100 prison inmates in Yard A and Yard B)
  • National Narcotics Board (BNN)
  • EDC (for young people affected by disasters, Thailand
  • BARACA Rehabilitation Center, Bangladesh
  • APON Rehabilitation Center, Bangladesh
  • Drug Abuse and Treatment Program, Peshawar, Pakistan



What do People Think about our Trainings & Workshops?



Training for Maldivian Stakeholders, in Ciawi, Bogor supported by UNICEF Maldives and implemented by YAKITA. 



What Health Care Providers from Maldives Thought of their Training at YAKITA?

  • Excellent.
  • It was a wonderful training.
  • It was very useful, it will effect on national level and individual level. Training was very academic and we had several field visits, it is very good training.
  • Kindness & cooperation of YAKITA staff. To me, YAKITA is like a family.
  • Great! Friendly and lots of fun!
  • Good and well organized & appreciated. Facilitators are committed to tell and explain many things all the time.
  • The training programme was well organized, the attitude of people can be changed and they can be utilized as important persons in the community.
  • Every person of the YAKITA committee is very interesting, systematic and punctual.
  • It gave me idea about my own country that I don’t even know before. It opened my eyes on many things about my country and drug addicts, HIV positive patients.
  • I was able to share the experience of a recovering addict living with HIV.
  • After the training, I now have a broader view of HIV/AIDS & addicts, understand more about addiction.
  • I acquired knowledge that I didn’t have before.
  • I am better prepared now to make our people aware of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and there relation.
  • The training has provided many information that will be used in terms of training and designing the intervention for HIV & HCV among IDUs in my country.
  • The training has helped a lot to increase and consolidate knowledge of HIV/AIDS and IDU.
  • Learned how HIV/AIDS patients are being treated in Indonesia, harm reduction and how it’s being done in rest of the world.      
  • What Indonesia today could be the future scenario of Maldives? Maldives is on the edge of National disaster cause of IDUs and it may cause outbreak of HIV/AIDS infection.
  • Drug addiction and HIV/AIDS spread is closely related specially in case of IDUs and it has to be seriously taken into consideration.
  • I learned that we need to have a better understanding of drug users specially IDUs, VCT limitations and the proper way of communicating and counselling.
  • Every day we learnt from the lecturer how to deal with different stages of drug addiction.
  • I learned that we need to try to convince the policy makers, the risk of HIV spread among newly emerging IDUs as a national agenda to place intervention.
  • The IDUs are the most endangered among the risk group for HIV infection. The whole week training gave me a whole lot of new information. It’s a success.
  • It was a very useful week in my life. This training is essential to me.
  • Excellent but it was a little hectic. Too much information in too short period, could have extended the number of days. Facilitators were excellent and friendly



Study Tour for UNICEF Regional Office South Asia Country Partners, implemented by YAKITA in Ciawi, Bogor





Training for Maximum Security Prison Inmates, Sacramento, USA


The training was conducted by David & Joyce Djaelani Gordon, supported by Ford Foundation


Richard M, founder of CGA


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