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Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita
Addiction Recovery & Community Center

What do People Say about Us?


The following are some comments made by people who have been in contact with YAKITA and its work.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what we do and recognize that we are passionate about what we do. We love what we do, and we do it with heart

Changing Lives, is what YAKITA is all about. 


From Past & Current Partners







YAKITA - what does it mean to me?

  • Enormous Commitment - getting family members involved and working with and for their children who are using drugs. Also Effective Advocacy at all levels up to the highest political levels--- getting the message across that people using drugs are the same as you and I, that something can be done NOW - and that WE all have a part to play in this. And Personal Responsibility - helping young people using drugs and their families be effective spokespeople about their vulnerability and potential.

Robert Bennoun begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, HIV/AIDS Expert
former UNAIDS Country Representative, Namibia


I very much appreciate and am very proud of YAKITA's dedication and commitment to HIV-AIDS programming in West Java Province, and across Indonesia.  YAKITA and  staff have fully contributed some excellent work through its intervention programs in the community and in prisons.

YAKITA's contribution on building the capacity of some of institution like Prison, BAPAS (Penitentiary Agency) and their staff; Peer Educators and Community Facilitators - are pioneering steps in these areas and are examples of best practices to be followed by others …"

Joko Siswanto, Chief Representative
Aksi Stop AIDS/Family Health International, West Java

  • "During the past seven years of my work on children and AIDS in Asia, I have found YAKITA Empowered Youth programme to be one of the most effective youth-led initiative with strong link with communities in which the programme is implemented. This has not only enhanced the programme’s sustainability but also ownership by the local people. Many people from all walks of lives continue to benefit from the programme. It is my hope that YAKITA will extend its expertise to other parts of the world like east and southern Africa which is experiencing emerging threat of HIV infection associated with injecting drug use. Keep it up, Team!

Rachel Odede, Regional Advisor, HIV/AIDS
UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia


It’s clear to many that YAKITA has become one of the leading drug recovery programs in Asia.  What may not be as evident is all of the other fine work this program does with young people in both Indonesia and throughout the region.  These activities range from

  • developing school-based prevention programs;
  • providing professional development;
  • innovating programs in challenging settings;
  • assisting in disaster preparedness efforts;
  • supporting community-based interventions;
  • or deepening our collective understanding of “what works” here in our region. 

While this range of activities is impressive, what is most remarkable is that through it all, YAKITA is a community. It is a community of dedicated, intelligent and caring people – and the world is a better place because it exists.

Michael J. Rosati, Technical Expert
Thailand Ministry of Public Health,
Department. of Mental Health, Bangkok




From Our Volunteers



  • I feel that at YAKITA I have found a new family. I was warmly accepted and I feel so much at home at YAKITA. The openness of the "Junkies in Recovery" I met at YAKITA, the laughter, togetherness with them is real and heartwarmingly impressive. The training at YAKITA, opened a new way of thinking for me. I do not see that addicts and HIV positives as delinquents, but simply uninformed about the dire results of drug use. This tickles my heart to help and care about people who need help in getting out of the mire of drug addiction. I am accepted in YAKITA family that cares about humanity. I hope to continue to apply the values that I have received here in my life and for people around me. (Sigit, Semarang)

To make "humans become more human", that is the lesson that I got at YAKITA. To be humans who could appreciate, respect, be open hearted, able to express feelings, and to be non-judgemental and non-discriminating. The togetherness in this family is lead by compassion and understanding. "To be human!" - that is one sentence that I can think of and the most impressive lesson from YAKITA".- Aris, Jawa Tengah

  • "One month, I participated in the Empowered Youth Training. I have gone through so much change in myself, personally. I, who used to be so insincere, I - who repress feelings and smile even though I would much rather get angry or cry. But now, I am different. I am me. I have acquired knowledge, experience and information that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere. The training has increased my care and concern for others, raised my concern about the danger of drugs, and HIV/AIDS. Here I have learnt how to be independent, to live a disciplined life, learn how to understand who I am, who we are, and how to understand others. Here I have found good friends, a family and now have a Mom and Dad, whose hugs make me feel comfortable and at peace, giving me the warmth I have been searching for forever in my life.  What is true is that what I have gotten from here is so beneficial to me, and I hope I can share all that I have with others, especially my peers and all those who need a helping hand. AND I LOVE YOU ALL! I will miss this place very much, miss all that is here, miss all the activities here, and I will miss my beloved Mommy and Daddy….”   Thank you all, thank you for the knowledge, for the education, for the love. Thank you Mom and Dad… Thank you All!"  Rini, Greater Jakarta

First impression is AMAZING ... that is what I can say to represent what I feel. First time I walked on the grounds of Villa Pandawa YAKITA, I felt that it was so green, and the addicts in recovery were so nice and kind. That impressed me. The materials taught to volunteers, learning about communication, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS ... all the sessions destroyed all lingering negative thoughts I had about people with HIV/AIDS. The knowledge about the world of addiction presented in training sessions opened my horizon. Recovering addicts were so open in sharing, and they amaze me. Please continue to have this type of trainings and would YAKITA please open centers throughout Indonesia!  - A Kadir,  Kupang, NTT

  • My brothers and sisters here have all helped me understand many things through the sessions and materials given through the training, and there are so many inputs for me to help me improve the way I work and also in improving my sense of responsiblity. To start becoming an empowered youth, one thing that became important for me was to understand myself and I have begun that process here. It is not easy to come face to face with bad habits and patterns that have already taken root in my life, but I was helped here. I learnt to be facilitator and even though I was still a bit nervous, I was able to overcome all that". - Sally Bullan, Kupang, NTT.

There were many lessons about life that I received at YAKITA, things that I have never received anywhere else, ever! It is just so AMAZING here, I learned directly from the addicts and from their life experiences. I learned the problems of addiction, from your direct life experiences. The way you fought hard to recover motivated myself to better myself. I feel ashamed by all of you addicts who trained us, as you are able to stand tall, improve your lives and be the way you are now. I feel that you know how to value life and give your lives meaning, more than I can. I feel so envious. Thank you for teaching me. Lessons about Honesty, Openmindedness, Willingness has opened my eyes. -  Pama

  • I have gone through so much progress. I know more about HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, and about LIFE. I never knew anything about the danger of sexually transmitted infections, something that I never even cared about before. What is most valuable is what one of the brothers shared with us all, about HIV and living with HIV. I am more open now, I learned from YAKITA about the meaning of life. I learnt from YAKITA about being a woman. I realize now how vast this world is, and that there are people who care about HIV, drug addiction and want to share with others like me who know nothing. I am so impressed with the facilitators who really understood us and were willing to share their knowledge with us in such a good way and with easy language that we understand. Thank you for everything!  - Febby


YAKITA Volunteers in Birueun, Aceh

The EmPowered Youth that YAKITA started, come wth the following group names: AYOMI (Aceh Youth Family), STICKER (Greater Jakarta), KIPAS (Makassar, South Sulawesi), 25M (Bandung, West Java), VEDHA (Surabaya, East Java), KEMBANG (Semarang, Central Java), WAY (We Are Youth, Bali), LONTHAR (Kupang, NTT), TIFA3 (Jayapura, Papua). All groups are under EmPowered Youth Program Division of YAKITA.

We no longer support Youth Groups outside Aceh and Bogor.


From the Addicts






" I just wanted to thank you!  Today I am FOUR years sober, something that never would have happened without your help!!!  I couldn't believe it this morning; I kept trying to think of that time that I must have messed this up somehow and not really be 4 years sober.  Almost unreal.  Well, thank you thank you thank you!  For sticking through it in the beginning .... after the beginning .... when I was still a horror ...  even after that when I was worse .... a few times when I got better .. then when I got worse again .... a little bit better ... even after I almost bankrupted you with tissue costs .. and still now :)!!! Seriously though, thank you for all your continued help, love and support". (El, San Fransisco)


  • "For me personally, YAKITA is not only a rehabilitation center. It means so much more. It's a way of life, a warm family, fellowship, friendship and service of humanity for others. YAKITA is where I was reborn, and it was in YAKITA that I began to understand the meaning of Life, the meaning of friendship, the meaning of compassion, and of Love. It is where I began to understand, recognize and feel the happiness of living a truly drug free life. Most important was that when I joined YAKITA, the community and YAKITA's programs were able to give me a sense of self confidence, increased my capacity and what is more, learning at YAKITA enabled me to stand on my very own two feet, not living in other people's shadow, and never having to be afraid of the future. To live for today, and to be of service to others needing our help". (Heldina, Bogor)


From Trainees


Stakeholders Training, Maldives (May 1-14, 2006)

         What is Unique about your 2 week training at YAKITA?

  • The knowledge, the experience, and the Trainers, plus the dedication of the
    members of YAKITA institution
  • This training is valuable for me, because this is my field and my daily work for over 9 years
  • To meet HIV+ kids and hug them
  • Sharing moments with drug addicts
  • Friendliness of YAKITA staff and community
  • Willingness to teach, all out, nothing kept back!
  • Close relationship, like a family
  • The importance of non verbal communications
  • The importance of self support
  • The Crisis Intervention (junkiebuster) team
  • Everything was under the same roof and what we learn in YAKITA is right in front of us
  • The in-house training and the facility
  • YAKITA's Knowledge and Awareness on HIV/AIDS, STIs and other important drug related diseases and problems
  • The environment is very friendly,
  • Learning and understanding the YAKITA philosophy.
  • The prison visit was an eye opener
  • YAKITA’s energy and commitment/passion for the cause
  • 12 Steps
  • I gained a lot from here & I can use it in my day to day life and work too!
  • This is the most valuable 2 weeks I’ve spent in my entire life. I’m serious!!!
  • Really excellent and giving of YAKITA!
  • It’s good and informative
  • It’s an excellent training!
  • I found that I have come “from darkness to the light
  • This is once in a lifetime experience!!      
  • Because it is simply Amazing !


STUDY TOUR for UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia Programme Officers and their GO & NGO Partners (24-29 June 2007)

       What do you think of this one week visit and workshop with YAKITA? 

  •  Very good training, it opened my eyes to look at other factors which young
    people go through and can drive them to inject
  • The efforts and challenges taken up by YAKITA for prevention and control of
    HIV/AIDS may be a model to all of us

  • YAKITA team is great, example from current addict in program added value
    to the learning process. Good work!
  • YAKITA’s networking is very impressive!
  • Very motivated to apply what I have learned here
  • Well organized and well presented information
  • Good explainers!!
  • Impressed with resident addicts and their discipline
  • The prison visit was overwhelming - establishing contact and working collaborations with such an important establishment is great - it would be good to learn, the tricks and the game in sustaining such a relationship, overwhelmed by awareness of the prison and the state of the children in cells.
  • First time ever to visit in prison.
  • The visit and interaction with YAKITA’s clients and volunteers were very useful, it gives us first hand experience on the actual implementation of some of the YAKITA’S programs.
  • Today session helped to understand how it is being implementation.
  • YAKITA staff is very enthusiastic & committed.
  • Field visits were well organized, very useful information, thank you for all the work and effort.
  • Information shared was very touching & good eye opener.
  • Difficult to apply but was very informative.
  • Session with the recovering addict / volunteer youth and parent was very good, it gave us first hand experience about the program.
  • It made me cry
  • Comprehensive programming, looking at different levels of intervention, adopting it to a national context
  • Intervention YAKITA initiated with IDUs, Drop in Center, Outreach Workers, Peer
    Educators and good experiences
  • Work in collaboration with other agencies
  • Gaining first hand experience with recovering addicts, parents, key stakeholders
  • Learned a lot on IDUs and related effects
  • Gains and risks in involving target groups to facilitate project implementation
  • Got bigger insight on how others are working
  • Firsthand experience in meeting addicts in Recovery, visit to the center and drop in Center
  • I could interact with addicts and their parents, meet prisoners and talk to them
  • Aftercare programming
  • Programs for parents
  • Atmosphere and relations between clients and staff
  • Harm reduction approach
  • Soft rules for clients
  • Gender issues (added dimension)
  • Programming in prison
  • Prison program
  • Prevention in prison
  • A very good eye opener and experience



Minister of Health (2002) and National AIDS Commission for Active Involvement in HIV/AIDS Programming in Indonesia

Vice Governor of West Java (2005) for Active Involvement in Drug Prevention & Intervention

Rotary Club (2004) for active Involvement in Drug Prevention in Schools 

Vice Governor of Bali and National AIDS Commission (2005) for Active Involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention

HIV/AIDS Programming in Bali (YAKITA Bali and Empowered Youth of Bali)  Major of Bandung (2004) for Active Involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention in Bandung (Empowered Youth West Java)

Ashoka Indonesia: Inclusion of Joyce Djaelani (YAKITA Founder)  in Ashoka Fellowship of Social Changemakers” (2003) – www.ashoka.org

Noted as Successful Intervention, Treatment & Aftercare Program in “Adolescent Substance Use: Risk & Protection”, UN Publications  prepared by ESCAP and United Nations Office for Drug and Crime (UNODC), 2003

National AIDS Commission; Joyce Djaelani (YAKITA Founder) as one of the First Generation Activists in Indonesia on HIV/AIDS issues

BNN (National Narcotics Control Board)  2007: Joyce Djaelani (YAKITA Founder) for her role in Drug Prevention and Intervention in Indonesia

Marga Pratama, BNN (National Narcotics Control Board)  2007: for YAKITA’s role in Drug Prevention and Intervention in Indonesia, given on International Anti Drug

Mayor of Jayapura, Papua, July 2010, for Drug Prevention and Intervention in Jayapura.