YAKITA foundation

Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita
Addiction Recovery & Community Center

Services Available at YAKITA


  • Outreach (Harm & Risk Reduction Programs)
  • Information, Education and Communication
  • Laboratory (at Siaga Hospital)
  • VCT and CST
  • Addict community based Drop in Center (Bogor only)
  • Harm Reduction Health Clinic (Bogor)
  • Youth based Drop in Center (Ciawi, Banda Aceh)
  • Women’s Center (Tajur)
  • Prison Program (Prison PALS)
  • Training for different groups (teachers, students, parents, special interest groups such as wardens, HIV, Reproductive Health, Gender Training, Counseling, Addiction, Program Management, etc.)

Partners: Past and Present


There are many others who have become our close partners throughout the years. To all of you, we thank you for your continued support. 

Network Partners


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Indonesia: Empowering youth to fight HIV/AIDS

BOGOR, Indonesia, YAKITA's David Gordon spins a marker pen on the floor in front of a group of young Indonesians and asks the person the marker points to: “What’s the best way to get HIV messages to most young people in Indonesia?”



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Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita


Villa Pandawa YAKITA

Jl. Ciasin No. 21, Desa Bendungan, Ciawi

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