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Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita
Addiction Recovery & Community Center

Program Overview


Although YAKITA is mainly a recovery center, we understand that in maintaining recovery, we need to be of service to others needing assistance. We need to be of assistance not only in recovery, but also prevention, intervention, training so others would not have to go through what we went through. Our programs include:



Recovery Center

YAKITA Recovery Center services stretches from Detoxification, Residential Treatment and Aftercare.

Our recovery centers are currently available in Banda Aceh, Bogor/Ciawi, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Kupang, Jayapura. For information on the different programs, click on this link.


YAKITA's Recovery Center Video Link

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Prison Pals

Prison Pals is our prison program. Every week, staff and volunteers from our centers would go to local prisons where we have collaborations with, and carry out training sessions, aftercare meetings and empowerment for prison inmates. This was done as a response to the growing need in prison where many of the inmates are substance abusers and addicts, or were caught for drug related offenses.  

Sessions we carry out covers materials on addiction and recovery, psychology, TB, reproductive health, gender trainings and other programmes needed by inmates. Sessions are done either once or twice a week for inmates. Some inmates are chosen and trained as Peer Educators in prison. Staff and volunteers who carry out the program are recovering addicts and empowered youth members from the local YAKITA.      

Prison staff are also trained in the areas of health. Over 300 prison staff have been trained throughout Indonesia, with the assistance of various organizations, notably FHI/USAID and CORDAID. This could not be done without good collaborations with the Ministry of Law & Human Rights, especially the department of corrections, the Ministry of Health, and the National AIDS Commission. 

In Paledang prison in Bogor, West Java, life skill education for substance abusers and also for children are carried out, along with Peer Education Program in Prison.

Health services needed by inmates are provided through networking with local Health Offices and Hospitals that provide assistance to HIV positive addicts, or addicts with TB - in collaboration with the prison infirmary.

Cities where we have prison program include Jantho prison in Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe, Bogor, Semarang, Surabaya, Kerobokan in Bali, Kupang (Adult prison and Children's Penitentiary) and Sentani Jayapura.

YAKITA's prison program is tested. We have been doing prison programs since the year 2000, and a staff member has been doing this work since 1973. As YAKITA, we have also carried out trainings for inmates in Mule Creek State Prison, a Maximum Security Prison in Sacramento, USA on HIV/AIDS, HCV and Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous with the support of Ford Foundation to test the methodology outside Indonesia.   

The overall goal of PrisonPALS is to provide services for addicts in prison, training prison staff on how to work with addicts, and addicts with HIV. The objective among other is to empower addicts and IDUS in preventing HIV, provide Harm Reduction Education, and assist addicts who wish to stop using drugs by providing sessions, assist them in accessing CST. 

After release from prison, most of the inmates continue their programs at our Drop In Center whenever possible.

We also work together with parole officers. Bogor Parole Officers (Penitentiary Office) usually would support addicts to report to YAKITA as part of their post release program.

Prison Program Video Link

Empowered Youth

Empowered Youth is YAKITA's program for young people and is mainly a youth participation and primary prevention program.

As the name signifies, the program sought to empower young people, and also improve their participation in making a difference. It's a program for young people, by young people, from young people. They are actively involved in all levels of programming rather than just being mere observers subjected to the program.

Available in all the cities where YAKITA have centers, the Empowered Youth of MUDA BERDAYA continue to make headways in creating local awareness. Young people in the program are also working closely with local government offices and other NGOs, media and agencies.

Started with the collaboration with UNICEF and also with notably, CORDAID, and the Indonesian National AIDS Commission and Provincial AIDS Commissions in Indonesia.

Some reports on YAKITA's empowered youth can be read in the following links:

In Aceh, YAKITA started its program to reach out to young people in Aceh affected by the tsunami for psychosocial reconstruction. Now the program has developed to include addiction, HIV/AIDS, prison programs, Youth Clinic, and many other programs.

The Empowered Youth is YAKITA's program name for young people, but each group have their local names.

  • Banda Aceh and Lhokseumawe (AYOMI - Aceh Youth Family)
  • Bandung, West Java (25 Messengers) - no longer supported by YAKITA
  • Muda Berdaya Jabodetabek, Greater Jakarta to include Bogor
  • Semarang, Central Java (KEMBANG)
  • Surabaya, East Java (VEDHA)
  • Bali (Muda Berdaya Bali)
  • Makassar, South Sulawesi (KIPAS) - no longer supported by YAKITA
  • Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (LONTHAR)
  • Jayapura, Papua (TIFA3)


An Empowered Youth Member, teaching in a nursing school.   

HR Drop In Center

The overall goal of the Drop In Center is to provide services and outreach program for street addicts and to serve as a prison post-release for inmates who are addicts and have left prison in Bogor - serving as a continuation of YAKITA's prison programs. The objective is to empower addicts and IDUs, to prevent HIV/AIDS, provide harm reduction programs, assist them in recovery if they so wish, and provide assistance to access HIV/AIDS related services, TB, STIs, and life skills.

Services include provision of Harm Reduction Programs, Testing and CST, Support Group, Capacity Building, Street Outreach, Women's Group capacity building and income generating programs.

Collaborating with the local health Office, YAKITA also provides basic clinic services by providing a medical doctor on our Drop In Center site in Bogor.  

Baraca Rehabilitation Bangladesh, Visiting YAKITA Drop in Center in Bogor in their one week Study Visit to YAKITA

YAKITA's Harm Reduction Program Video Link

Youth Drop In Center

Youth Drop In Center was a spin off from the Empowered Youth Program. Providing a safe hang out place for young people, and the Empowered Youth to learn and help each other.

These centers are open 24 hours a day since staff also live in to ensure that they are able to provide services at any time of the day.

The Drop In Center also is a place of activities and training for young people, aside from a place where they can get help, learn from each other, get peer counseling and referrals.

"JunKies" Income Generating Program

JunKies is an income generating program started by SAN/CORDAID to assist women, who were addicts or partners of addicts.

The women are provided with trainings on gender issues, as also training on addiction, recovery, codependency, health issues, communication skills, and income generating skills. The group of women was called Bogor Female Support (BFemaleS).

For income generating skills, they decided to make sandals for sale. YAKITA brought in a teacher to teach them how to make footwear, they have begun a small scale production of sandals now branded as "JunKies" - a  play of words in the hope of transforming something they see as negative becoming something positive in their lives.

They are also looking to expand their choices by learning how to cook. Their products will also be sold to generate income for women, a majority of whom are HIV positive, or have husbands in jail for drug related offenses, women who are in recovery, and need funds to help them take better care of their health.